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Let the beauty of what you love be what you do. – Rumi

  • Being in my late twenties

    This morning I was thinking ‘what should I write about today?’. It has been exactly six days since I posted my first blog post. Then the idea sparked into my mind, there’s no better subject to talk about than; my thoughts on being in my late twenties. I am currently twenty nine years old, have […]

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  • Freckled Adventurers Welcome!

    Today on June 15th in the year 2022 I’ve decided to start this blog Adventurously Freckled Life, on this blog I’m sharing more of my in depth feelings, interesting photographs, yummy foods and other personal related content. I named this blog Adventurously Freckled Life primarily because “Adventurously” sounds more positive instead of naming it Imperfect […]

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Hello everyone, my name is C I’m currently 29-years-old. I created this blog to share all my dull and magical moments with you, I go more in depth with my feelings while keeping the simplicity.

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